I came close to giving up on wishing…

Yes I was really knocked down and didn’t want to complete the task. But knowing that I had another lesson to learn, I had to just breath for a moment.

Its a terrible place to be, to think you have nothing to hold onto, I understand but I know that I am here to be trained to establish him within me. For those who need him to speak through me, so as I lick my wounds and try to stand up again, for him.

I have been quiet, but I need to be sure before I post anything, that he may need to instruct me first.

I was believing that because I am getting older, who would want me, do I have so many scratches am I too wounded for someone to come into my life. You know the thought process, etc etc, the enemy tried again to convince me that I was not worthy of being loved.

OMG, you disgusting liar, for I am my fathers daughter all I need to do is let him come into my soul, heal it and in the process me.

I will keep you posted…


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