I am a strong lady….

The other day I was at the local library, a woman I met years ago. Use to come into the store I worked in and get a testimony from me.

And find out what God is saying and how she can effect what was going on in her life.

She was hobbling along, her knee had been operated on, she said, it was prayed over at church BUT until the doctors fix it, I have to wait.

Oh Lord, I shut that down.

Wait for what, does it not say that, by his stripes I AM HEALED. Jesus died on the cross for us, TODAY. So if he took our sin, our diseases our broken’ness, did he not. Go say to your knee over and over, you are healed by his stripes and devil get your hands off. Now go be determined (the key) and believe its done.

Then we chatted about one of my children, she said, “You are such a strong lady”. I said to her, that I trust my father with everything I have.

I know what ever happens, he has a plan for my life, so all I have is to trust that very fact.

All I know is the world is confused and his message for me is really SIMPLE.



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