I refused to crumble

All week I have had technical issues, even the local IT said to give up, naaa not going to happen.

Yesterday I worked hard and struggled trying to get my computer to do what I wanted.

So when my Pastor’s wife needed me, I went to help out. Knowing that, that was more important.

As I got out of my car, I leaned out of the opened door and said quietly. I will not crumble and I will not give up, devil get your hands off, my computer will work and I will succeed.

The devil try’s and try’s to take over anything that uses power, for his only desire is to take ours, bugger that for a joke, sorry but its true. I have all power and authority and the devil HAS NONE.

I went in, did what I was required to do. Rang someone I know in church, to see if he can help.

His whole family came over, which is what should have happened. I awoke the computer, double clicked and yahoo, it worked.

I believe that little moment and putting the needs of others ahead of myself was what did it (the key).

Positive of this is, I learned things IT people were surprised I could do.


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