The Holy Spirit does give you what you ask…

I have learned that you have to ask for what you want, be specific if you desire something. For does it say in his word, I will give you the desires of your heart, if you will only follow me.

So I am asking and he is giving, last week I said, Holy Spirit I need the internet and I need to work a couple of hours a week. I even asked if it could be from home.

I know have internet at home and a couple of hours work, something I love doing. Within one day my prayer was answered.

I always ask as his friend, his daughter and his servant. He put life into me and its him who can only take that away from me.

Now Holy Spirit I want to do the very best at the job and having people lining up for me to work on their behalf. I work with integrity and honour and I will not lie for anyone.

So if you want something, remember to keep in mind that as a parent he will give to you as you please him.

So go in a quiet place and go as his friend, his child and servant and see what happens.

But remember you must be so grateful and thankful for the gifts he gives you.

Be blessed


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