K.I.S.S principle

I always keep coming back to this, Keep it SIMPLE.

Yesterday I mowed the grass, simple job you say. How many of us whinge and whine until its done, I love the smell because it hails another job done. The lawn looks neat and tidy, I take pride in my little home, it welcomes me every time, I drive in my drive way.

Another is house work, I don’t know any woman who likes it. We do it because of job satisfaction or out of love for our family and there is nothing better than a clean home, ever watched that show ‘How clean is your house?’ yuck, I hate dirt and grossness.

I believe that show just highlights laziness and how many people have been shown how to clean the right way and the easy way. Not many I think, I always think of it as a work out, you bend, stretch, cardio and you perspire, that is definitely a work out.

With the Lord, he has simple messages that we can learn from, we can take these and merge them into our lives. We can do a simple thing and find our way to the finish line.

It is up to us and our attitude to succeed, like this week, all I have been hearing in my spirit.


That is a simple message and simple to do, don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill. In Christ you can speak to the mountain and it will fall.

Remember there is power in your words, be of good cheer and peace will follow.



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