Again, are we becoming conditioned?

I have been thinking again, I know glad I have a brain.

Anyway, I have a thought about dishwashers, it was one of those luxury items. Keeping up with the Jones’s things, yes there handy for big occasions or dinners, but have we lost the plot.

Doing the dishes growing up, we had to do them together, we learnt that we had to work as a team to get the job done. If they weren’t done properly, we had to wash all of them again (yes all).

We had suds fights, had fun but also learnt to finish the job. We learnt how to clean up, wash down and have pride in our accomplishment, it was training for when we left home.

Dishwashers, I have been thinking seriously about this. Ages ago I blogged about conditioning, we are trained by other sources, media keeps shoving TV ads down our necks. We must have a sterile home, what, some bugs are good they build your immune system, we do not live in a hospital operating theatre.

Think of this, you have one little sink, half fill with water and add a small amount of dish liquid. When you rinse off, as I do I leave the water dribbling so by the time I am finished the sink is only 3/4 full. Everything is washed and rinsed and left to dry.

Dishwashers, you have to buy tablets, you have to do a clean cycle for the pipes with God knows what in another bottle, you have to add another thing to keep the colour on your plates, you have stuff for smells the list goes on. You have to power this up and use a lot of water, more than my 3/4 of a sink.

Thinking, so you loose money by the purchasing of all these things, extra money for power and water. You don’t learn anything, you are a one man band to fill and empty. But if you have a dishwasher your rich and if you don’t your poor mentality. And the expense of buying the appliance in the first place???? What happened to helping the environment?

I mean what the… hand wash with someone, have a suds fight, you are not only benefiting the environment, your saving money and learning how to do a job well. It’s not a task to think negatively, turn it over and see the benefits.

Just do me a favour and think about it, another food for thought.

And I am a billionaire because I have the love of my father. The amount really cannot be counted on earth, it is immeasurable.



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