I pray for you

Yes I do, those who follow this blog and those who just pop in to have a read.

I have you in my prayers, my father is listening to everything I am saying.

It’s another simple thing (KISS), but can have the biggest impact.

I am leaving the rest up to my father, I am going by his words that he will not move unless I do, he will act unless I pray.

So here I sit, typing away and think of you. I don’t care what you have done, your thoughts any of it. I have been there, in that dark place. Where all you want is to hurt anyone you come across, because something or someone has hurt you so deeply, it took your breath away. (Trust me I know, but here I sit, with all the love in my heart and the hurt is gone)

I care that my father loves you and with that I will add YOU to my prayer, that he gives you an encounter with him.

That when you least expect it, he shines his love on you. You who ever you are, he sees your heart and knows your hurts and he is just there like any parent waiting to see you move.

He wants only the best for you and so do I.

God bless your day and find peace.


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