Do we ever stop & check ourselves

This was highlighted to me the other day.

We all try to say something funny, but out of the mouth the heart speaks.

As I have said, you can have someone around you that irritates you, but is it really them or is it YOU.

Anyway speaking with a sister of mine, I made this point. And explained to her why, how in the past weeks I have been shown that maybe what I see in others,  is also being shown in me.

In life I have been guilty, of pointing the finger, but when have I stopped to look in the mirror. It’s amazing how at the right time you have a lesson to learn, wham if you don’t get it, he will knock you enough to make you stop.

I love him for that, I am getting things so much faster and clearer. I think praying the 30mins a day has worked wonders. I have to admit with doing my course the more I prayed, the clearer my mind was and the more work I completed.

Its like when my car was making a funny noise and I couldn’t use it, I thought why at first, but then it hit me.

What have I missed, that he is trying to fix in me, where have I gone off course. It was true, I needed pulling up, I was getting ahead of myself and relying on what I could do, not what my father was doing.

That is a very dangerous place to be, we can think of ourselves as really smart and better than the next. But are we really?

I think not, I think when you think your smarter, your actually dumber. This I have had to learn in life, my father is the only smart one, I know when I learnt this my check was pride.

Was I more concerned about wanting to feel the best or did I need to humble myself, the correct answer is always to humble yourself..

As he says in his word, PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL.




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