Winter, oh my God, I dislike being so cold

I was just thinking about the season we are in, I dont know about you but, Oh Lord when I get cold it goes right to my bones.

Oh a girl has to love a bath a this time of year, nothing quiet like it. I think you could have all the money in the world but the simple things are always the best.

Thinking of my father and how he keeps saying that, I have a time and a season for everything.

Trust in me and I will steer the ship, you must have the season, to appreciate the journey that your on.

So I am going to love everyday I feel the cooler weather and thank God for it. At least I can enjoy it, it all comes down to attitude.

At least I am feeling it, I aint dead so move girl friend. Lets go and enjoy it, all too soon the next season will be upon us and cutting the grass non stop, that always seems to be on Viagra.

I think I need to make a nice stew and fluffy dumplings, yummo going shopping now.

Cya and enjoy your day, be blessed.


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