If you could see my face…

I was just going over this blog and thinking.

What would you think, if you could see my face?

Now going back to how a lady should dress (and a fathers comment), through this, I am sharing the real me.

I am sharing my heart, my wisdom, the love for the lord, everything I have to give.

So if you saw my face, (eg like boobs hanging out) what would you think?

You would concentrate on my outer layer, not my heart or mind. The meaning would get lost in translation.

Are you thinking? If you are then that is fabulous, that is what I want you to do. Think differently, you are so brilliant just the way the father has made you and you can think and use your mind for great things.

What I am trying to show you is to get past what you see, in the father’s house you learn. That things happen in the heavenlies before they happen on earth. So if I cannot see what my father is doing, I have excitement, curiosity and faith.

Believing is faith in action.


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