Your voice….

When I was younger no one knew I could sing a tune, until one day I was so frustrated with my older sister.

She was in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, she had no tone, she couldn’t keep a beat. Mum was trying to explain to her what she need to do, my mother could hear the right note, but couldn’t produce it.

I was standing their, the youngest and quietest. I just opened my mouth and let it out, right on the button and loud as I could manage. It was funny at the time because they both looked at me gobsmacked, the thought I had a voice and could do what they couldn’t.

Now I am not trying to grand stand here, I have a point to this.

Something someone said to me has hit home, singers of the world had a moment when a spirit visited them and offered them a ring, this happened to Michael Jackson. A promise of being famous and a king of music, riches will be yours (danger).

I need to explain: The devil was in charge of music, he was an angel and put in charge, God was pleased. But he got too big for his boots, he thought he was greater than God and told him so. God threw him out of heaven and into hell (there is a longer version) but my point.

When I was younger and I found God, this was offered to me. Thank God I said, “NO” my voice was given to me by him and it belongs to him. I do not need to stand on a stage and be glorified, to end up loosing my real self and become lost.

Money and fame are not my driving force, he is. The devil today uses music to manipulate those who listen to the wrong music, I love to sing and dance. Especially worshipping the lord, I know this to be true, I wouldn’t add it in otherwise.

Just be very careful, do things by watching and checking your heart. I don’t want anyone else to become lost or die because of this. If you google the man who saw Princess Diana and Michael Jackson in hell might help with why I wrote this.


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