I feel such excitement…

Recently we had a message that hit home. PRIDE, the message is always the same, are you doing things because you want the acknowledgement or are you just being prideful.

Yes this hit a chord with me, and I had to do a reality check. But can you see how wonderful timing this was.

With this blog I have had to keep checking my heart, to make sure I am giving him the voice not me. But him through me, because we are supposed to be his vessels.

So yes I have felt to lick a few wounds, but this is all part of the process of change. And change is what I have been going through, I even attacked my home to remove all unwanted stuff.

Trust me if you’re not using it and it’s just their, its stuff so pass it onto someone else, or get some money for it. You will feel so much better, or you can look at it this way (thank you father) sometimes things that may have even a sentimental attachment may be holding you back.

One thing I have learned the past is just that PASSED and the future is yours, just step forward and don’t look back.

Be brave and remember their is nothing to stop you, but you.


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