I wish, I could do more..

I am a little wary of helping homeless people. Reason is every time I do they disappear, not in a good way either. I watch to make sure they are really homeless, not just getting extra cash off people.

So my friend at the train station, was their this morning looking a little wet.

I did have an umbrella, but mine broke some time ago and I havent yet replaced it. So being prepared as always, I had a poncho for the rain in my spare room.

By the time I got to the station, I asked him if he would like it. He nodded, so I left it for him. I thought to myself, I don’t have far now to run to work and I will dry off eventually.

I find we shouldnt just expect them to take what ever we offer, but ask if they would like it. To me that is showing them respect and not just as another person.

To me it seems like a very small gesture, but I do wish, I could do more.

But then again, I have to let the father lead me.


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