I know in my heart what choice I have made

What I mean by that, I cannot change those around me, or make them think the way I do.

Yes I can pray and believe, but if they waste this time, that we have left, then I cannot change or control that. It is up to them and them alone, this includes my children.

When the time comes, I know I can turn and walk with my father, even if this means turning and leaving them. This is not in any way harsh, but fact.

There is a time coming, this I know more than anything else.  A time when, we will have to either turn to the father and be in the boat, or think we can save them, by staying.

You cannot stay with a sinking ship, you are not the captain. Regardless of how you feel, you must make the choice now. There are no second chances, your either getting in, or you will be left on the shore.

I know the choice I have made, yes I have faith and I will keep believing.

But I feel my father must know the answer now. I have made my decision, think hard and make yours.


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