How strong are you?

My train was delayed this morning, so I had a lot of time to think.

The lord keeps saying, that he looking for people to stand in the gap. To stand when all hell breaks loose, to not be moved, but to just stand.

I am getting to know what strength, Jesus has put in me. I know I can stand, yes there may be tears shed, but I will stand no matter what.

Pure determination dictates this, and I am one determined woman. My life so far, may have been a challenge, but with that, I have found my strength.

I said to someone once, “God ain’t a pussy and neither am I”.

I didn’t mean anything bad by that, I just meant that he is strong and so will I be, when I am needed. I have been made of tough stuff, so why not use it for his good.

I know when he calls, I will find out how strong I am.


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