Nothing is just an accident

I was talking to my lovely hair dresser the other night, she goes to another church. But has been to mine a couple of times, she knows the power we have, as I say, we may be small, but boy we are mighty. The Lord is certainly, fine tuning his army.

I said to her, you know you are never here, just to do my hair. I was talking about my kids, where we are, what is happening in life etc.

And we both agreed, every time, we both get something out of it, how God moves us in different ways and gives us things we need.

How the challenges we are facing now, what has come against us and how God is about to do something, in all of us.

I truly believe that we are about to hit second gear. What I mean is this, when I was younger and I drove a manual car, you were at the traffic lights and in first gear, then once you take off, you put it into second gear, like drag racing (I know the things we do when we don’t have enough sence, always loved rally driving).

Anyway, that is what I mean by putting it into second gear, we have been going along, but are about to kick off,  to the next level, I cannot wait. I know everything I am doing even this blog is part of the master plan.   

Again I say, nothing is by accident.

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