I am having a lovey day

I am usually like a woman on a mission, this is what has to be done. I get straight to the point, sometimes too blunt (I have to remember to salt my words). Or take action, doesn’t matter what, but I appear driven to my goal, cannot sit still, have to get a lot done, kind of thing.

Then I have a day like today, (rare thing this is) I let my soft side have a free rein. I get all cuddly and gooie like melted chocolate. I think I need to watch a lovely movie or just go out and be nice to a stranger.

The Lord just reminded me (so have to share), when I get off the train in the morning, in the city, there is a homeless man, that always sits at the steps, these I climb to get onto the street at Flinders Street Station. He has his pen, ruler and sketch pad and draws the outside of houses. He is really good, he puts in the landscaping, I have walked past him may times. A lot of people drop in his hat, loose change, I have given him the odd dollar or two.

But yesterday, I had this feeling to give him a $5 note, I said to him, ‘Hi sir, here (handing him the note) put this in your pocket’ he looked up and said, thank you. What was good about that, a lady came up behind me and saw what I did, so she followed suit, how awesome is that.

It was my father saying what to do, all I did, was willingly follow instruction. Its his money, not mine anyway.

Look out, now I am feeling all warm and fuzzy, I think I need a hug Lord, or some chocolate. LOL

May the love that surrounds me, be shared by those, who I have the pleasant chance to meet. Maybe next time it might be you!

Be blessed have a wonderful weekend, go out and touch someone or give them a hug.

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