Don’t miss the right one for you

I had a friend stay the other night, cooked a beautiful roast for us, more veggies than meat. I told her I am reconditioning myself, explained the Dr Oz comment (veggies with meat on the side).

I had her on my mind, so next thing I txt her, to ask her over. God knows when we need someone and will prompt us.

We were talking about things and one thing went to the top of the tree. We got so excited and encouraged, we could see the pattern in all three.

Three moments were: How their have been examples of people who could have missed, their match. This is what I mean, God has a match for you, someone who is the right person for you to be with (not how the world does it). One of my old friends, whose name is (name withheld) said, how her husband met another (name withheld), just before meeting her and he was thinking seriously about her. But how God worked and put them together.

Then another friend, when he was praying for a wife, his wife’s name is (name withheld). He was with a girl called (name withheld), but knew it wasn’t right. He said to God a test to see who was going to be his wife, let her give me a book, then I will know, she did just that. He wanted blonde hair, big boobs. He got the perfect one, petite and a fire cracker to keep him in line.

Then when I read the book (Inside my heart), how Robin went out with Phillip’s sister the weekend before (double date), she had gone out with a pilot, but he was the wrong one. The right one was in the house of her friend, God moved the wrong one out and the right pilot came downstairs. She knew by the end of the night, he was the one, she was meant to marry.

Dont be in a rush or think you have to hang onto the wrong one (let go), the right one is close at hand. God knows when and where just follow his lead in the dance, that if you listen you can hear it in your heart.

I was about to log out when he remind me of this, I had to put it in.

Again be blessed

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