I love the train, sometimes things can be funny

On my way home last night I was jammed in near the window.

A young guy getting home from school was sitting opposite me, he quickly went into a deep sleep. He kept trying to right himself, prompt his head on his hand, but his body kept moving forward. Its was funny, I said to the lady next to him, we will have to call him noddy.

At one stage we had to wake him up, he kept knocking into the lady next to him. He was very sweet and apologetic, the lady at the end said, ‘where are you getting off’. He said, ‘Watergardens’, I told him we would wake him up.

Poor guy, he was nearly laying on his bag, hunched over. He must have been really tired, anyway we kept laughing, thinking he was going to land in our lap. He had head phones on, so he couldn’t hear us and if he did, he was too tired, or polite to say anything.

But I woke him within minutes of his stop, he said thank you. I told him its ok sweetheart, be blessed (goodness must follow us everywhere).

 I have been a little too serious, so I thought I would, lighten things up.


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