Good memories, only….

I have been thinking about things and have decided to find good things, that I can remember.

I want to change the atmosphere so here goes nothing.

The man who was called dad, one memory comes to mind and I have realized it was like a Steve Irwin moment. We lived near the mountains where it snowed most winters, but when summer finally hit, out come the march flies and tiger snakes. (March flies, bite and suck blood their horrible things). I remember the day was clear, sun was out, it was warm, but not hot and I remember the breeze had crispness to it.

A man we knew left two properties to my older siblings (he didn’t actually own them, that’s another story), one was just off the road the other over the river. Even in summer that water was freezing, coming off the mountain (I usually fell in, I had no balance walking on rocks, in moving water).

We had a cow we milked, she only liked females, so I had to go too. She would follow me, I remember her as so lovely, big eyes and great temperament, very huggable.

Anyway back on track: We had crossed back over the river and were walking through the paddock, I would have been about 4 or 5 years old. I was told to keep my eyes out for snakes, being so small that was a little hard and the grass was nearly as tall as me.

All of a sudden, I was told to stop and don’t move, (we were taught to do as we were told, this could eventually save your life).

I knew straight away what it was, (if you don’t know tiger snakes, they are nuts, if you cross their path to were they are going, they will chase you) I remember so clearly, the old man (it’s what we called him) saying, ‘I am going to throw it this way, when I do, you run that way’, pointing left. I nodded and then he bent down, picked up the snake and whizzed it around his head, like he was trying to rope something, but instead it was a snake.

I took off as fast as my little legs would carry me, to get to clear ground. That day, I went to mum and said he was like a hero, but why did he do that? She said to me, when you do that the blood is supposed to rush to the snake’s head and confuses it enough, for you to get out-of-the-way.

I do not know if this is true and please do not ever try it, but I found a good memory.

At this point I can’t remember anything else good, but I am determined to find things. I want the bad gone and good to replace it, that will move me forward.

And continuing from last post, I have been praying everyday, I was told to do it faithfully and God will fix it. He will show me how, I do not have to be told twice, when it is something this important.

Be blessed x


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