I am amazed, people are listening to him.

I know this may not seem much but, hey I’m excited. Because it’s him speaking not me.

I was with a friend in the supermarket on Saturday, she ran into someone she knew. I remember saying something, but what I cannot recall, I have a habit of letting him speak through me and then I forget (actually none of my business).

I was told today that the person listened and it had impact. I just think its amazing people are listening to him, “about time”.

I have had many things happen to me, of all shapes and sizes he makes me feel so special. On Saturday I was given a top, a friend of mine bought it for me. Some may think this isn’t so amazing, but the fact is, what I have said to him and that he used her for me.

I think that is really special, top is gorgeous and fits perfectly. I felt really special and that is all the more reason to thank him.

I have been receiving a lot of things lately, one being from a guy that I know through work, he has a beautiful wife and 7 children. I have shared my testimony with him and how the lord has spoken to me. He is Jewish and loves the lord, we have alot of conversations.

He gave me for christmas a huge anti ageing pack, plus eye cream and mud soap (this is expensive stuff) Jericho, you have to get some its awesome. The mud soap amazed me the first time I used it, took off all the dead skin. Its made from the dead sea minerals and is from Israel. The eye gel is absolutely magic, you have to use it morning and night for a month, then just every morning, its feels so lovely. Worth taking the time for a little pampering.

When I was younger my mother said to me, “if you don’t listen to anything else I say, just use cream daily on your face and neck”. She use to always make sure I wore a hat whenever I was in the sun, with huge broad rims. I have to admit, best thing she ever said to me, I have people thinking I am 10 years younger than I am. Not knocking that one, but now I have to admit my skin needs hydrating more, so bring on the gifts Lord, I know they are from you.

And thank you, you make me feel so special, all the time. I feel like a little kid at christmas, I know there is more to come, it was told to me by a visiting Pastor.

I think, because I am making sure, I am listening to him, that things are happening so quickly. I have surrendered, I am willingly being corrected, shaped and formed. I am open to being taught and learning from it. Even if a lesson he is teaching is uncomfortable, I say to him just do it quickly and let me learn the lesson.

I have said to him sometimes that I don’t like it, I am being honest, but I most definitely are willing, I am in this, for the long haul. I never had a father figure, so I must humble myself now, because I know he has work for me to help others.

Happy days, to those who hear and let the veil over the eyes and ears of those who aren’t be removed in Jesus name.

He is truly one of a kind.


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