Doctors, crack me up…

My doctor at the moment is trying to get to the bottom of things and he makes me laugh. They are so clueless sometimes, you just gotta shake your head and keep going.

I know in the world they work on genetics, but I am under my fathers genetics, not the world. In my heart and mind I am there every day, so when they start, I want to laugh or cry (but I choose laughter).

Yesterday went in for blood results, they always look at the cholesterol because I am fat (no reason to sugar coat it), he looks at me and says, ‘its great you are doing something right.’ What I do not understand, a normal day for me is, a nectarine for breakfast washed down with water, I may eat a line as I call it of Rice crackers (this is on the odd occasion), lunch sandwich bread and cheese (no butter/marg) more water or small tin of tuna, yes with rice crackers. Dinner will be either a small pasta dish tuna casserole was the other night or sausages, spud, carrots & peas (and yes there are more veggies than meat). My portion sizes are small so go figure.

I am not a lazy person by any means, I usually cannot sit still. Lately all I want to do is rest, I think the bug I had hit me harder than I care to mention.

So why am I putting on weight and not loosing it, if I hear more exercise again, I think I might scream (inside, not out). Or like yesterday buy a dog and take it for walks. My bra (sorry, cuts into my shoulder and makes my arm numb), I know they are doing all they have been trained to do, but I am different (start thinking outside the box), something is causing this and god will give me the key, I have to believe that or I will cry.

Yes, it gets me down, I know everyone is trying to help, but I am not NORMAL. Something is causing this, if I ate all the garbage under the sun, then yes I would agree, but I don’t.

Anyway, then I get the option of a free half hour health check, ha, that was perfect except for my weight & needs to have my eyes tested but hay, that’s pretty good.

I have one more test to go, I am so over this, but determined to press on. Doctors they do have a certificate to practice, they just cannot figure me out. God give them assistance please, you are my real physician, so do the work father.

Doctors think they are so qualified until they meet me, thinking about it, I think vets are more qualified, they have to deal with so many different animals. Doctors deal with one type, think about it.


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