I want be a mission….

What do I mean by that, I want to be on his mission. To do what he wants me to do, not what I want.

I am having difficulty, I have been looking to see what jobs are around and all I keep thinking of is, I want to be put where he wants me, not what I want.

It is so clear to me, I am certain of that, more than anything else. I am trusting him to open a door, for me to walk through.

I just want to work for him, in a normal job, I think. I don’t even know. But I am keeping my eyes open, to see what may fall before me.

One good of employing me is, the work enviroment is blessed. Meetings that seem to be impossible, will happen with me around. Their will be a feeling that will leave with me. I remember bumping into a lady, who was a customer when I worked in the local newsagency. She said, when you left something changed, she didn’t know what, but it was different and not in a good way.

When I leave, God leaves with me, it’s that simple.

When I worked their, one thing happened that made them take notice, the van used for late delivers didn’t have the hand brake on, this was parked on the top of a steep driveway. It had to pass all other shops parking, BMW’s etc, if it had done the normal thing, getting up speed it would have taken out either pedestrians, cars or shops. It would have made a mess, a customer ran in and said the van it’s on the road. I buzzed upstairs, to who ever had the key, had to get the van moved. The man told the boss that it was like watching it in slow motion, it rolled down the hill, and turned as if someone was driving it and stopped in the middle of the road.

She came in and said, that only happened because your here, we are blessed to have you. Things like this always happen around me, I don’t go on about Jesus or anything, but I do have a line that I draw and if they ask, I answer them honestly. Or even say I will find out and let you know.

Something will happen soon, I am trusting him.


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