We have been trained & conditioned a certain way

I have been watching the show, The Peoples Supermarket. Food for thought, I think.

I know when you go into a supermarket, company’s pay for shelfs at eye level. And what they throw out, we ultimately pay for, which is still ok to use.

We are told to clean our house with every chemical under the sun, but every generation gets sicker. We want lower prices, but how much does the producer lose out, because of it. I use to live on a farm, you do it for the love of it, but you work from dawn to dusk and you get paid less than minimum wage.

I love direct markets, pay the guy who does all the work I say and I do not care if something is not perfect, that’s produce. If you have some space, plant a tomato or lettuce, even if your on a balcony you can grow something.

Thinking about animals, we run to fast food outlets, because we don’t have enough time. Do you realize what happens to those animals, they are not treated humanely, I know someone who worked at a meat factory. I was told we are supposed to eat a lot of veggies and use meat as a very small portion. We have been conditioned to think the other way around, it has really made me think, which is always a good thing. We are spending money that we don’t have too, I keep thinking we have been almost trained like a dog.

Modern appliances are supposed to give us time, we are totally consumed by a phone, to walk around with it, so we are on call 24/7 (what, why) what is so important anyway. God is more important, that is the correct answer, we have to become unconditioned to realize, when the phone rings, unless there is an earthquake we DO NOT have to answer it. Who can see you through a phone anyway, no one can.

We are getting more stressed over worked, frantic and think of the amount of diseases, dying younger. Something is very out of whack, this is just food for thought.

And just today, why is it ok to tell a white lie. It’s not, a lie is a lie, be mature enough to be honest. We believe the lie before the truth because its more convincing, WHAT…

I am stopping to think, I will buy, what I need and choose from whom. I have the power and I will use it.


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