God knows I am shocking with Birthdays, lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I have two children, my son was born on the day they said he would, he is today 24 years old, today.

My daughter was two weeks over what they told me was my due date, she is 22 years old today.

Yes, two children, born 2 years apart, this was not planned by any one, but God and I still forgot when he turned 21, I will never live that one down.

Darling if you read this, I am still very sorry. I know you said you forgive me, but as I have said, ‘I can remember any number sequence, but birthday’s, forget it.’

Yes its now in my diary, on my computer. That’s why I remembered today, thank god I can laugh about it.

Thought: And just thinking, why is that Happy Birthday song so slow, I like Stevie Wonders version. Its suppose to be a happy day.

If anyone else shares this special day, god bless.


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