Update – Doctors crack me up.

As you are probably well aware of when I posted Doctors crack me up I was feeling a bit down, to say the least.

I have to be honest here because if I don’t, then I am the one who gets hurt the most. And if people are reading this, what I am sharing from my heart, what are they going to think, if I am not.

I had time with my Pastor and I opened up, how I was really at the end of myself, to do with my weight. I was sick of not being able to eat all that God has provided, I can’t have this or that because of allergies and stomach pain. That I am still fat, even though I am eating so little, I was really at the brink on Saturday, I had, had enough. When you get to that point, their is only one way to go, forward.

He lets you get to that point, because you come out fighting, I cried and let it out. Felt so much better, we agreed, prayed and stepped forward into a size 12 AUS.

The devil knows this bugs me and has holds me back, but I am nothing if not a survivor, so I will stand and fight, the outcome is on its way, as it has been done in heaven.

All my life, my health has been the one thing, he has used frequently to hold me back, well not anymore. I don’t care if I have to crawl, little by little, I will not be stopped or silenced. I am my father’s daughter, I have super strength, that he has given me and by god, I will have the victory. I am making the choice to prevail.

I am a walking miracle, the devil has tried 3 times to kill me off. And I am still here, I am extraordinary, he has no power over me.

Guess what, I am not going anywhere, I am here to stay, so praise the Lord, joy comes in the morning and take that you maggot (devil).


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