Being scared to take a chance

This is something new, let me give you my explaination.

Before, I use to do things, even cook for others and as long as, I did not think it over, I could do it.

But if I did, the uncertainty, anxiety, doubt would flood in, you see I have had brilliant ideas, inventions, abilities and never been able, to take the chance to dive in and know that I could do it.

So, I have sat on the side line and never taken that chance, being afraid of what if, what a waste of opportunity, but I believe, my father knew where I had to be.

What, had to happen, as I use to say, the grand architect has my plans, I just need to go with it and know, that he has got me.

So now, I feel the whole world is my oyster, I just need to adjust to the real me and trust him to lead me in the right direction and I feel a boom coming, just waiting for me.

I love my father so much, no one I have read about or met, has had this experience. And for him putting me in the right place to do so, is awesome.

Everyone who knows me, have said you look different, because the real me, the one the enemy hidden, is finally revealed.

Glory to the Lord on high


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