Given knowledge

Years ago, when I worked at a certain place. The guy who sat behind me, he was questioning me about my beliefs, now this would not be a big thing to most people, but when you start to question the love of my father, its on like donkey kong.

I was getting more and more inspired and got up to move to the photocopier, then I looked up as I saw gold coin shaped drops of oil, falling down on me and I felt them.

Closest to what I saw, then..

I just realized was, that it actually was for me, back then, and even before, that wonderful date to remember, it all seemed like, it was for others.

But now I know, now I know it was especially for me, because of the relationship with him and when you truly love someone, you will stand up for them, when the time calls for it. And that day, that was what I did, exactly.

Our father, OUR FATHER, who loves us, who saved a wretch like me, who was lost, he found me. He has been there, ever since that day in the paddock and it was only me, limiting him, by not knowing and refusing to follow a religious system, that was nothing like, what happened to me, that wasted time.

When it happens, so much more than anything else on earth, your world starts to change, it is only when your ready (right time, right season) right maturity, that it happens.

When what happens, the big change, the true surrender, for I was speaking to someone yesterday and said these words, “so many want to control in their lives, because of what may have happened, or out of fear of the unknown, but when you give it up, he gives you the world & more”.

So who is limiting who, I no longer limit him, yesterday, with what I wore, proved that to me and him. I stood up, I stood tall and instead of feeling uncomfortable, I felt at peace and that is worth more to me, than all the money on earth…

Hallelujah and Amen… take that to the bank yeeehaa


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