Blinded by a want

One word someone said, so I am posting this, if someone reads it, knows that this may be your only chance to finally be freed.

The consuming drive to present yourself a false individual and not be you, to present in a way of speaking towards others (that is not you), to present to the outside world, the fake you. You cannot assume, that what others do, is for you, you use to look beautiful in a flowing dress. But you became an image, of someone else, who is not you.

All your life, a false god, a false way to manipulate, a false want to be right or assume your the only sane one, its all been a lie. For you cannot see how those around you, see you, but it is not the lie that has been formed in your mind.

I put this forth, for your freedom, because the lie the enemy, has lead you to believe, is wrong. You were made in his image, but a false image, became your god.

One thing I know, it is never too late for you, but you must be willing, to let him in and release the true you, before it is too late.

I ask you to finally, tell the enemy to stand down, let the father hand in the eviction papers and release you. Let go, the father has you, but you must trust him and surrender all control…


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