I love his presence and listen when he speaks…

Today, like most days when a certain someone visits, he is here in the room, things happen and we get excited.

I am excited because, last Monday my car was put in, to be fixed after someone left their mark on my car and I let the father deal with it and when I woke up yesterday. My first words to him were, father it would be really nice if, when we are at the luncheon, they called to say it was ready, I was told Wednesday at the earliest.

So as I was paying, I got a call and boy did I get excited, call back at 4.30pm to see how long till you can pick it up today. Isn’t he fantastic, no one knew, but he did and you gotta love his work.

So, as you can see, he acts on my behalf all the time, and the other day, helping a friend, in front of me was this little thing that read, Blessed Beyond Measure and that was for me.

Getting back to today, this may sound harsh, but if you are not in the right place, then this should move you toward it.

If you do not believe the living word, you are not a christian

Bam, but its true, take no thought for tomorrow, so why are we so worried about food on our table, why when it comes to Xmas are we so worried. Because he is wanting your trust, if your a good steward, YOU have nothing to fear.

I showed it by just paying my registration for my car and my mobile phone bill, without concern.

Why, because I TRUST HIM… I am all in.


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