Nothing can stand, if you stand for him

These words are what he just spoke to me.

And how true, so say it over and over.

Nothing can stand, if you stand for him. Nothing can get in the way and have any power, when your all in.

It can try to fake it (any situation), but when you stand and let him do it, it all falls away and I love that.

I love that, even sometimes his words are hitting you straight between the eyes (be mature enough to take your discipline from our dad), its all true.

Many can take one thing and sorry (crap all over it) because their selfish desire, but when you know the meaning, nothing can stop you.

Over my life a fraudulent spirit, has stopped a lot of finance, that should have come to me. But, my father keeps a tally, he knows that when it comes back 7 fold (right time, right season), it means nothing to me, only the sheer blessing of a gift from my dad.

Not, because I desire a Mansion or a Bentley or Jewels, because he knows none of that means anything to me. My value is the love, between him and I, I have no need of a safe or a security guard or anything else, he is my all and again, as you may have read many times.

Once I make a decision to surrender, that means all of it. My value is something no one of this world can touch.

And that is the most awesome thing to say… and I feel his love right now and I have tears, because of its power and strength, sitting on me. WOW WOW and WOW

So if I can leave this page today with one word of wisdom, stop messing about, grow up and get serious.

Be blessed, because you can be…. CHOOSE


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