I try not to get too, excited

Many times I think I am not praying enough.

Yes, old habit, but when I hear another voice say, it is all about the heart.

I get really excited, the week before last I was talking to someone about value. They thought value was money, but value to me is, your heart.

Sounds so simple, but I like to keep it simple, I like to do things with my heart engaged.

Because when you do, the gift you give, has so much more value, for your giving your heart.

Sometimes, I feel sad that my heart is full but has no direction to flow, then I get over myself and know, the reality is I have all my heart to give to my father.

So, I am doing enough, stop accusing but realise that I can, put more in, there is always an option for more and that is OK.

So, I sit here knowing I can get excited, excited for the expectation of what is to come.

That I am feeling my fathers heart too… what a blessing, that no money can buy.


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