How you find patterns, and power follow with words

Last week I found even outside patterns talking to people, the word assumption kept coming up.

People who assume, if you having your third baby, then there will be no problem, oh I assume you wanted it.

I find all the time patterns, doesn’t matter, if I am shopping or watching TV, a pattern will arise.

It is like going back another week, and the lord says to me, the appearance of what is seen and the evidence is different, then following that, it came up again and again.

It is like being a parent, you see your adult children and they show, the appearance of good behaviour, then the evidence is completely different, once out of sight. I learn’t long ago, to watch and listen, to watch and wait, for the evidence will show in the end.

And in the mean time, the hardest thing is to sit tight, and do nothing, I believe that the Lord is working on my behalf, and stepping in, because I am their mother is completely the wrong thing to do, for I would rather, show I trust him and for the lesson to be short, than a long drawn out process.

The pattern of behaviour, has been evident through the years, but I choose to change the course, I refuse to just tag along, because I am told too. If there is no heart, then it it worthless action, to me.

Your heart and that of the next generation must be in it, money and all material things are always there in the world, but they must be worthless, and your worth must shine through the darkness.

I love my two and I trust all the good that I once did, will count for something. Yes I made mistakes, and I have owned them, but I will not be held down, because of the past, I once decided to only move forward. Why, because if you keep going back, you never move, in any direction, you just become stuck.

I am not hard (I have such a big heart, but I am no body’s fool), but I refuse to be held back, words others have used accuse me, no longer hold, because you have to be guilty, to be held, don’t you? Lies are the enemy’s, and I won’t partake of that anymore, if that is all they have, god bless them.

For my pattern, is now set by the father, his blue print is my main aim, if none of my family chooses to join me, that is their choice, I have given all I have, and I am humbled in the knowledge that I am his. No, I am definitely, not a nut job christian.

As I told a lady in a shop, I don’t care if I am politically incorrect, I am God correct.

Its funny how I went in for a new broom and shovel set, and came out glorifying the father. I went off like a cracker in all the good ways, she was so inspired, she said, “your so cute, and so right” I told her, no he’s right. I am alive because of him, I live for him and I am a walking miracle because of him and his love for me…



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