Doing things quietly, can have massive impact

Sometimes I might seem a hermit, but really I love my time with him. I dislike noise and going out, I liked less planes because they fly over and make noise and peace was a real gift.

I am blessed everyday, because of the peace and quiet, I hear a laugh or feel him smile.

I feel many times a friendship between us, he sees me, when I am at my best and when I am at my worst, and still he loves me.

When I wake up, I try and plan my day, to get as much done, with as little amount of pain as possible, either that day or that night or next day.

He showed me why I have it, and trust me when I say, it will go… I feel it coming.

I love it when, the whole day is spent with him, its like having a friend walking along side of you and it goes so fast.

But boy, do I feel so very blessed, nothing in this world means more to me.

He is my beginning and my end and everything else is not as important, I really do wish those with wealth all the best, for they always seem to loose the plot, or everyone wants to know them. Their reality gets bent out of shape, and they have no real direction, they always seem to be to be flags flying in the wind, but not really doing anything, but showing what they are.

I hope I make sense here, I watch many become wealthy and they spend, spend, spend. Why, yes I would like to own where I live, but I do not want a mansion, or jewels or Bentley’s. Good grief, a car is a car (I do not need to own a Mercedes to be worth something), if I had the chance I would like to find Jesse, Jesse was an old car we were in, when we escaped hell, for freedom, that is because of heart, not worldly value of the car now.

It always has to be with heart, heart is, what he sees in me, he knows mine, for he has full access.

When it comes to things of the world, I don’t need to impress anyone, and I certainly do not need fame. I write because I want my journey to inspire someone, or help in a small way. But you don’t need to see me, because my voice is finally found and when he says to use it, whether it be via this blog or verbally, I am ready and waiting…

God bless to all


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