Listing his blessings

I am a woman who loves a bargain, because I always have in my mind to be a good steward and being blessed and that feeling is wonderful. I am grateful for the things I wear, growing up my mum made cloths out of many things, even down to the underwear, which was cost effective but you really do appreciate what you have so, so much more.

Realising my wardrobe of cloths and how cheap it is, my cheapest is $1, yes you read it correctly, it said $3 on the rack but by the time I got to the check out it was reduced and this happens a lot.How to find a bargain:1. Relax – be calm and patient

2. Really ask yourself if you want it

3. Then say, OK lord I really like that and if I am mean’t to have it, please make a way

4. Then watch online and in store if you can

5. Keep the finances aside and don’t spend it

6. And don’t forget to say the price out loud, the price you would really want to pay

7. Give thanks for him for supplying it to you and humble yourself in being grateful


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