I love this country

Many times last week I heard that Australia is the oldest continent on earth.

And there was at time when I posted a picture like this below.

Australia Map Shape Hands Sacred KS1 Bw RGB Illustration - Twinkl

You see, I see our country in his hands and there was even a show saying that Eden most likely was in Australia, I watched a show on the ABC channel.

This country is blessed, for not only the jewels but the differences of desert, plains, jewel seas and rain forests.

I live here and I love it, yes its dangerous but when you respect it and know how to deal with emergency’s then your fine.

And there are sharks everywhere, we just have surfers that wear a black suit and look like seals, and we are a type of food to them.

So again, be blessed for what you have, not what your always hoping for, for spending your life not appreciating what you have is not a life at all.


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