How a song can change your day

I started to sing that song, “there’s a place for us” and yes once I let rip I can belt out that little number, I was taught by a music teacher that taught me how to do ballads & opera.

Anyway back to the important part, the words, “We’ll find a new way of living” these times where the enemy is trying so hard to shut us down, these words today ring true.

We as Christians will find a new way, to worship, to praise, to shout for joy and speak his truth. Sometimes I get snippets of things and most times I do not understand, but I trust in the process.

Its like Don, it ain’t over, I don’t know how, but I know the father will use him again, because he has no fear, his only fear is eternity and not seeing the father.

I trust that what is to come, this little jab is not it, I have a feeling that what has come before is not a touch on what is to come, I don’t know details, for me that is not important, my importance is getting back to where I was before Christmas. Before I got so sore and tired of fighting, tired of breathing almost.

But I felt this morning him drawing me back in, and for that I am so grateful.


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