I feel myself getting to a place of standing for my fathers right to be heard.

It is a time of great injustice to Christian’s and people everywhere.

But we have the right, we are not insignificant, we are made for his purpose.

The father I feel wants me to stand and make noise.

If he tells me, I cannot deny him, I cannot sit by and think, oh you got it wrong or I am scared.

Oh no, not me, for I have nothing to loose and the father to gain.

I will do what he requires of me, in the time that is required and I will not be sorry or ashamed. I will stand boldly to make know the mystery of his kingdom.

I am his daughter and if you don’t like it, then don’t listen… But a time is coming soon that you will not be able to anymore..

OOooo he is on point.


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