As doors close

As my past closes and the doors are shut.

I move forward in knowing how much I am loved.

I can move forward with confidence that, he will steer me away from harm. Away from those that carry darkness and into his light.

We need to be aware of those we need to shift on from. And move into what his plan for our lives are.

So as the saying goes, as one door closes, he will open a window wider than you could ever imagine.

Believe his truth, trust in the faith you have for him and surrender to him.

I feel the doors have closed and if I have to move forward again, I will do it willingly. He is first and last in my life and I feel it sitting here, it is so strong.

Oh my, something is being done, I feel the spirit on me, the warmth, the weight, I feel peace and love and everything all at once, so hard to type.

Oy, just lifted enough for me to add, I must be right. This doesn’t happen when you got it wrong, glory be to the Jesus and God the father.


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