How time fly’s

I was just sitting releasing how much I have changed.

I lived a life full of anger and self righteousness, it stemmed from being hurt over and over.

But a couple of years ago condemnation was removed, now I want to look good, I want to live, I want a reset.

I realised I went about not only blaming others but living in this infested swamp. Lessons learned as I grew up and hung around what I thought I deserved.

But time has come, as spring is trying here where I live, it is normally warming up, but it snowed yesterday, totally beautiful and I count it a blessing.

But as time has passed by, the father has changed me, softened me and brought me out from the darkness.

I use to wear active pants as I did not think at the time I was worthy of looking nice all these lies of the enemy, but let me give you hope.

There is life after the death of the old, you have to be always willing. You may not see the light, you may not see the ground, but always trust.

For he will not fail and I am evidence of that, I am looking forward to wearing the items I have bought, man am I a bargain hunter. But I know he put them there, so I could buy them.

That is what my relationship is with him, trust and a knowing he will look after me. He will bring forth the filling of my treasuries and wealth, he will restore what has been stolen.

I know he will and I trust him, he saved my life, my soul and my spirit.

He knew what I was capable of and believed in me and that is all you need, then time to know the right season will come.

And mine is now, bring it on father… so happy.


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