Take note, when the harvest comes in

This is something we have all seem to have forgotten.

When we work so hard to have finance, then blow it.

We need to do as we were trained many years ago, a little splurge is fine. But you must put most of it away.

A new house is nice, but really do you need it, a roof over your head is all you need.

Food in your belly and clothed, when did we get so caught up with having to have it all.

Their are things I would love to have, but I know my father knows the desires of my heart.

So all I have to do is keep him in my front thought and things will fall into place.

I stopped fretting many years ago about what I did not have and striving for things, but that is just it, things.

He is most important and the best thing I ever received from my mother was how to make something last, how to stretch and how to manage money.

And be happy with just that, I know I do not have to keep up with the Jones’s I have more than they ever will, so find your peace.

Know dad will add, when you get your mind, heart and spirit right.


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