Xmas, I am filled with sharing

Over the weekend I tried to get a few things for the lunch I have been invited too.

I just want to share, a blessing with everyone, Xmas normally feels very sad time for me. Only because I get to think if only my kids were speaking to each other, or the other would get off his high horse and see me for just his mum who loves him.

But this year I am going to believe and expect, for what you may ask. That this time next year, I will have either met or married the one the Lord has for me. That my son, will answer my phone calls or txt’s and realise I am human and a little effort would not kill him.

Anyway, I expect that my finances will zillion’ise next year and my weight and health will be fabulous.

I wish you all a safe holiday, and show a little kindness. You just might get back more than you could ever believe…


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