Yesterdays post cont’d

I was reading over the post about my dream and came to a realisation.

In life we think we are so smart (but we are not), but I believe the enemy puts things in front of us before the Lord does, especially when it comes to a partner. To try and steer you from your destiny, because remember he read your book, so he knows too.

In my dream this woman had the appearance of everything he wanted, but nothing internal matched. The quality was missing, what is important to me is your heart and what you stand for, more than anything else.

That is the difference, the Lord will give you what you NEED, not what you want.

I believe a good marriage is one where you marry your conscience not the gift wrapping, thinking of it that way, isn’t the gift given better than how its wrapped? I have been married before and it was so very wrong, he was interested in the wrapping, we did not match at all and I knew I was doing the wrong thing, but could not go home and didn’t believe I could live life alone.

Think about this and pray, I know I have to watch when its my time…


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