Our children deserve our vigilance…

Having a child who grew up not taking no seriously is really hard. I remember having a call from a policeman, saying to me, that they were so young.

I had to say, you cannot discipline your child, or smack them to try and let them know that a smack is better than what can come. I said to him, this is only the tip of the ice burg. Do you have a bible, he said yes, I said do them a favour and hand it to them and tell them to read it.

Now I see over and over, children going into remand centres, not following the rules. Children doing all sorts of things and these are young adults now, they cannot hide behind there parents anymore. Rules need to be followed and obeyed, if you cannot follow the laws, how are you ever going to accept God’s laws.

We have to stop giving in, I grew up knowing the boundaries and what would happen if I went beyond them. I learned if you touch something hot, you would get burned, we grew up with led paint, all sorts of things. But we lived have manners and respect the rules.

Our children have been entrusted to us, and I believe strongly that they can be removed from us.

Having a child who, is again learning that if you go against the rules, you will find out you pay the price.

I had to be hard and stop the lies, I had to send a letter, strongly rebuking the enemy in them and stand up for what is right by the father.

I know I have hit the right button, because its all quiet, I may not be there most favourite person, but to love someone enough to be honest. Is pleasing in the sight of the Lord, I have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

I will make sure I push the enemy out and the fathers glory in.. one way or the other.


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