I have watched and experienced so much

When I was young I watched as a child of a abusive father.

Suck the love and life out of my mother, her confidence and ever enquiring need for approval.

And as a child I grew into a child who hated men, I admit it, no man in my life was there as a man I could look up too.

But I see that need in those who are experiencing the same thing. I know what the child sees and the mother suffers. The anger she has and gives to you when she cannot cope anymore.

This affects generation after generation and I stand against it.

You have to see what has come before and know when too push and when to back off. They become like a fragile egg shell even though they may seem strong and angry even loud.

At this time, I pray for those, that my father keeps them safe and heals them of there wounds, for they run deep.

You can have an opinion about this but until you have lived it, you really cannot understand it. Be kind to those who are crying out for the father, be there when your called.

Christmas is for Jesus and us to come together to remember that, but keep an ear to hear for those who struggle at this time of year, to hold onto what is deemed normal to everyone else and that they so crave after.


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