I am loud when my father rises within me

On Monday at prayer meeting, I am always told how loud I can get.

Well, I am not a quiet woman when it comes to my dad. If he needs me to be bold or shout, then you can count on me.

We prayed about drugs, to shine a light on not only dealers but the suppliers and big guys. Because I have had to deal with the carnage of what happens to affected people, something rose from within.

Father, I command in your name, that they be exposed etc etc, then I told the demonic spirit to get out of this country, the country I love with such a deep passion.

I feel when I do this that spirits run scarred because they know I am not mucking around. I want a result, I am not just going to pray, be meek and please daddy. Or no, I mean business, I demand a result, that my prayer be heard, action, done and verdict. Lock them up and bury the key.


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