He loves you, so very much

Do you say, I love you Holy Spirit? He wants to hear it, that I know, so join with me won’t you.

I LOVE YOU HOLY SPIRIT. He works so hard, doing everything for us to benefit, God gave his son, FOR US. Jesus took all of our sin, sickness and diseases on him and died for us.

So can’t you do a little giving…

He does so many great things and I know that I would not be here without him.

So together we say, we love you Lord, our father our guide our alpha and omega.

We love your work, sometimes its hard to understand why your doing it the way you are. But we know that its for us, with all the pure love you have. We cannot fail, the victory is ours to share with you.

I love you with all of me, you know me. Inside and out, I just love you.



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