Acknowledge him

His word says, acknowledge him, (before man) and I WILL make your paths straight.

Now I did add a little but its so true, this is what has been my driving force these last few weeks.

Acknowledge him, again and again. Not when its convenient, acknowledge him always.

This is what I mean, I was having problems with my mower, once I finally got it going it would run for less than a minute and stop.

So as my friend, I was chatting to him Saturday. Lord I have pulled out the spark plug and given it a sand, checked the fuel and given it a clean, what is wrong.

Put it away went inside and he said, buy a new spark plug. Well I did, pulled out the old one, took it into the store and came home put it in and pulled the cord and off she went.

Now I have had this problem for months, but what didn’t I do.

ASK him what it was, he is my provider. All I did before was grumble and say, Holy Spirit its a crap thing and will not go, grumble grumble grumble.

Well I am sorry, I forgot what I needed to do. I could have saved all that time and got it going before.

OMG, see even I can get it wrong.


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