The Holy Spirit is my champion

I know lately there has been a lot about the Olympic games.

The games have lost the reason why they were started in the beginning, to show unity and peace. Now it seems to only highlight those that use drugs.

Time and living in the world can send people off the path.

Know that the Holy Spirit is YOUR champion as he is mine.

He won every race that their ever could be, he is a true winner for he is humble, gracious and in the crowd of millions and millions, he is mindful of ME.

So celebrate having the three in one in your life, celebrate being alive to speak his word. To show by example what he has done for you.

Shout it from the roof tops if you have too. Make the move for the weight the enemy may have put on you, the weight of e.g. depression, mind control, physical restriction what ever it is, move it. With faith, believe and you WILL receive.


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