I am so determined to win

As I have said before, I will win I am so determined I cannot even explain.

For what Jesus did for me, who sits here today. That is the least I can do, so fists at the ready. I have the shield and sword in my hand and I am taking the step, for Jesus won and I will stand guard until that day he returns.

Wow, what a day that is going to be. Today has made me even more determined than before.

Man I will fight back, I am not a pussy. Sorry to be blunt but as I said to a friend who has had WIFI issues since Feb this year.

Have you told the devil, have you said, I don’t know where your hiding but this house is the house of Jesus and in his name I tell you to get out. You were finished on the cross, Jesus won and you lost. So go over open the door and with all power and authority tell him to GET OUT. And for good measure, tell him NOT to come back.



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